Concept Drawings

We understand the designers' needs and meet them with early design phase drawings.

These 3D sketches can be used as a tool to help determine and develop the furniture piece, or accompany the quoting phase to make sure clients are getting exactly what they want. Contraxx provides this extra service to bridge the gap between an idea and fabrication. These initial drawings do not serve as shop drawings.
Taconic Hotel Valet Stand

A Kimpton boutique hotel with plenty of Vermont charm

Taconic Valet Stand Drawer
Taconic Valet Stand Back Elevation
Taconic Valet Stand Back Section
Taconic Valet Stand2
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Nashville Union Station Cog Table

Resin product with hand-applied rust iron finish

Union Station Nashville FR 715 Front
Union Station Nashville FR 715 Top
Union Station Nashville FR 715
Union Station Nashville FR 715 Blow Up
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Conceptual Furniture

Individual pieces custom designed to meet designers’ concepts.

583 King Coffee Table
583 King End Table
583 King Pres Small Dresser2
Conceptual Furniture   AC Marriott Irvine Table
Conceptual Furniture   Boardroom Table
Conceptual Furniture   Embassy Suites College Station
Conceptual Furniture   Harborside Directors Chair
Conceptual Furniture   Hutch2
Conceptual Furniture   Shore Crest Table
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