Where Do We Fit?

We are a family of family-owned factories.

Relationships come first

We believe in doing business the old fashioned way, when trusting partners shook hands and looked out for each other. We have built our business on this principle and our promise to you is simple: We guarantee your complete satisfaction. That's it.

Our dedicated team of professionals has vast experience and resourcefulness in every facet of product development and production. They understand the creative process and build to exacting specifications.

Contraxx is relationship-driven and loyal. We believe all customers are important, regardless of how much volume they bring to us, and we will visit them anytime they wish. Our doors are always open and factory tours are welcomed.

Contraxx Furniture offers great flexibility with our hub-and-spoke manufacturing system. We were the first in the U.S. to introduce this distributed manufacturing model to the custom furniture industry and have more than 1,000 craftspeople available to make custom products here in America. This collaborative effort of family-owned-and-operated businesses provide crafted furniture components to our central hub factory where final machining, assembly, finishing and quality inspection takes place. This approach affords more flexibility, efficiency and lower cost than large, vertically-integrated companies.

Our engineers take your creative concepts and develop a working design and cost estimate ensuring the order can be manufactured and delivered within your project budget and timeline. Designs are translated into shop level manufacturing plans and communicated to Contraxx members using a standardized system that supports quality execution and on-time delivery. Each member of the Contraxx network is a small business and certified by Contraxx as high-quality craft producer.

When you do business with Contraxx, you not only receive high-quality custom furniture at a value, you also help support a network of small businesses where creating fine furniture is a way of life.