Greg Duskey

Product Development

A classical Renaissance man, Greg tolerates zero excuses for turning down difficult projects. In his 10 years as our lead project manager, he has dealt with a lot of unusual product requests, ranging from rusty iron furnishings to replica cheese wheels to elegant hotel wall systems.

He is often overheard saying to clients, “Give me the hard stuff,” and he means it. It’s not unusual for Greg to be at his desk long after the work day is done drawing conceptual furniture designs for his clients. “I’m a recovering graphic designer,” he says with an engaging smile.

Greg tries to stretch each day past its 24-hour period by spending his evening hours planting fruit trees and berry bushes, tending his large vegetable garden, and working in his wood shop. On the weekends, he can be found in the woods hunting ginseng and morel mushrooms.

“Having been raised on a small farm in rural Ohio, I am fortunate to be the son of a carpenter with an eye for detail,” Greg says, “and with Dad’s training, whether building a house, fixing a tractor, or growing a garden, I am totally at ease figuring out how to build world-class furniture for our customers!”