Designers Toolbox

We give you what you want. It’s the right thing to do.

Contraxx offers quality products designed and manufactured in America to meet designers’ concepts. We do the hard stuff, offer VE options and no minimums. And most importantly, superior craftsmanship joins efficiency in production making custom affordable!

We are unlimited in our capabilities and the ability to source any client preferences. We will recommend alternate resources when cost or time is a factor.

Concept Drawings

We understand designers’ needs and meet them with early design phase drawings.

Let's Go

Glossary of Capabilities & Fabrication Terms

Learn the ins and outs of furniture fabrication and impress your friends and coworkers!

Let's Go

Our Designers Toolbox is full of resources and examples of our past work, but it doesn't even begin to fully showcase our capabilities. Don’t see what you need?

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