Giving to Our Community

We believe children are our next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and workers and are vital to America’s future. Contraxx gives generously to the Morgan Community Fund and the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio to support health, wellness, art and educational training programs for children and young adults.

Contraxx has been recognized as a world-class organization by the Aspen Institute and has appeared on C-Span as a leading innovator in bringing furniture manufacturing back to America. Our president, Mike Workman, has been a panelist at the State Of The Region in Appalachian Ohio in 2013 and 2018. Mike’s influential advocacy has been looked upon as transforming southeastern Ohio private sector business.

As part of its commitment to workers in rural America, Contraxx collaborates with local community colleges to create certification training for high school students and under-employed adults. This multi-craft certification program teaches practical skills in engineering, drafting, machining and basic electricity. The curriculum is a fast-track certification program that allows students to continue their education beyond high school and find jobs locally.

Contraxx also is an active supporter of the Morgan Community Fund, a charitable organization created by local volunteers and assisted by Contraxx employees. The Fund believes that children are the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders and workers and are vital to our community’s growth. A wide range of job training, educational, health and art programs are sponsored and orchestrated by the organization. To find out more, go to

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