Olivia Irwin


Olivia is a perfectionist when it comes to keeping our books. Sensible and kind, Olivia has worked in her family business since she was 14.

Coming from a large family, Olivia was homeschooled until the age of 11. It was through that experience she was given the unique opportunity to closely observe and learn from her parents as they ran their own business. They inspired her to live her life authentically and taught her the values of family, money management and good work ethic.

We have awarded Livie a special coin that she proudly displays – a buffalo nickel that she squeezes to make every penny count!

“I am the second oldest of six kids,” Olivia says, “and I learned the importance of teamwork at a very young age. At Contraxx, teamwork is a part of who we are. I love small business and how each has its own rhythm and tick. I have found my passion in bookkeeping and I enjoy going to work every day!”

Email Olivia@contraxxfurniture.com